CHASSIS           |  Multi-tubular space frame. Jig built and powder coated. 
BODYWORK    |  17 inner and outer GRP with coloured gelcoat.
DONAR CAR   |  None. Almost all the components excluding wheels engine and related parts have been expressly developed and manufactured to be used on this car.
ENGINE            |  Suzuki bandit 1200cc.
SUSPENSION   |  Front - double wishbone elliptical tube, cast alloy upright, monoshock suspension. Rear - single sided swinging arm with coil-over damper.
STEERING        |  Rack and pinion.
BRAKES           |   Disk front, rear drum.
KIT PRICE        |   £5,695
TURNKEY PRICE   |  From £15,500

track                    59"

overall                 68"

wheel base          103"

overall length      149"

bulk head             35"

fuel tank              25litres

car weight           430kg

Electrical reverse operating the rear wheel


Main body tub  x  1
Front side panels  x  4
Bonnet  x  2
Boot lid  x  1
Front seat liner  x  1
Rear seat liner  x  1    
Front splitter  x  1 
Rear seat dash  x  1
Front wings  x  2
Bulkhead side panels  x  2 
Dashboard  x  1
Powder-coated chassis  x  1
Set of powder-coated wishbones  x  1
Set of powder-coated push rods  x  1
Powder-coated steering column
Powder-coated gear change paddles  
Gear change linkage
Rear swinging arm  
Steering rack and track rods  
Alloy uprights
Alloy diff mountings  
Alloy front suspension unit


We've had a lot of people asking us EXACTLY what do you get for £5,695? We know that some kits don't come as COMPREHENSIVE as ours, so we thought we'd let you know what the full list is!

PARTS INCLUDING IN KIT - £5,695 (vat free)