frs motorsport 3

The FRS team have been building and competing with motorcycle engined three-wheelers for 15 years - and, more to the point, they have championship wins under their belts. However, it wasn’t until 2011 that they developed their hillclimb machine into a road-legal 3 wheeler.


The move came when a sponsor requested a road going version. Once the jigs and moulds had been made for one car, it made sense to productionise it and offer it for sale on the kit car market. 


Under the skin is a spaceframe chassis that hosts a Suzuki motorcycle engine that drives the front wheels. Interestingly, it has a monoshock 
suspension at the front, the single coil-over damper operating via double wishbones. It’s all clothed in GRP body that comes in no fewer than 17 pieces. The unusual tandem seating arrangement means that the vehicle is balanced at all times. 


We supply a very comprehensive FRS 3 kit for £5,695. It includes the powdercoated spaceframe chassis, suspension and steering components, GRP body panel and more. It leaves the builder to source the engine and gearbox, differential, wheels and brakes. It’s also available turnkey from £15,500.



“Through the bends, FRS Motorsport's 15 yrs of competition experience comes to the fore. It feels assured and stable.”

Adam Wilkins - Kit Car Magazine